Transparency portal

The right of citizens to transparency in any public activity and to have access to information, free or with the least possible number of limitations constitutes a crucial necessity in Spain’s current social, political and economic context. The entry into force of Act 19/2013 contemplates a triple objective of transparency, access to public information and good governance as a means to achieve "the necessary democratic regeneration", "efficiency and effectiveness of the state" and "economic growth." In this context, employers’ associations are subject to compliance with the duty of active advertising that attempts to anticipate the people’s needs and demands for information.

CEOE would like to continue showing its full commitment to transparency in all aspects of its management, as it has done over the last few years by voluntarily releasing much of the information that this Act now requires. To facilitate access of the general public and promote the availability of information, we have put together in a single portal all the information of an economic, financial and statistical nature included in Article 8 of the Act.