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At CEOE, we are aware that Training is already a tool widely recognized as being essential for the social and economic development of our country, to improve our companies’ competitiveness, to create employment and for the personal and professional development of workers.
This social recognition has been achieved, among other things, by the successive Training Agreements that, since 1992, we’ve been signing in the field of social dialogue with the most representative employers associations, unions and the different governments, thus fostering the dissemination and universalization of a culture of training at work, which is already part of the social and labour acquis in Spain.
Following the recent reform of the Vocational Training for Employment model, CEOE will continue to defend the business position against any proposal for change that may arise.
In a parallel front, the Dual Training systems have currently taken centre stage in our country’s social, economic and labour debate, which has led CEOE to strive to become a relevant player in the aforementioned systems, becoming one of the main responsible parties for the future success.

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