The development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been gaining more and more importance in recent years, and it is a fact that various types of businesses, by size, industry or geographic context in which they operate, have developed practices in this field.

Fear of being repetitive does not make it is less important to emphasize the voluntary nature of CSR. From different business organizations in Europe and in the world, CEOE’s counterparts, and under the framework of BUSINESSEUROPE, IOE or BIAC, they advocate that CSR practices, far from alienating companies from their business goals, strengthen their competitiveness and improve their market position.

Therefore, it seems necessary to reinforce the goals that a strategic CSR management may meet, such as creating added value, granting a higher reputation, attracting customers, social innovation, retention and loyalty of employees and customers, less sources of risk, attracting investment, lower cost of capital.

Only then will we be able to create a more stimulating and attractive environment for the development of CSR within the business community.  From CEOE we have been doing this for quite some time, through our Commission on Corporate Social Responsibility.


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