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Spanish companies are affected by a changing legal climate that has a direct impact on their growth. Aware of the importance of this issue, CEOE participates actively in the development of legislation at a State and European level in legal areas such as Business Law, Criminal Law, Procedural Law, Civil Law, Competition Law or Insolvency Law. CEOE actively collaborates with the different Administrations for the improvement of our regulation and of the justice system with specific, reasonable and reasoned proposals, both from a material and from technical perspective. To do this, CEOE works with their representative Organizations from all sectors and territories of the economy, companies, institutions and prestigious law firms, which provide their views and proposals with the ultimate goal of enhancing the competitiveness of Spanish companies.

CEOE is present in Brussels through BusinessEurope, where it participates in the Committee on Legal Affairs and is actively involved in the European Union’s legislative process in defence of the general and common interests of Spanish businesses.

CEOE also collaborates in the promotion and dissemination of legal developments through various actions and legal training activities in cooperation with companies, law forms, institutions and public administrations.  To this end, it organizes Monographic Sessions and events with top professionals who analyse how to face the new legal challenges encountered by our companies.

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