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The main goal of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations is to defend and represent entrepreneurial interests before the public bodies and the society in general.

This is where the importance of our Confederation’s institutional relations most comes into play, in order to strengthen and expand the existing bonds with the government, political parties, institutions, public and private organizations, business organizations and companies, both nationally and internationally.  

At the Department of Institutional Relations we coordinate our President, Vice Presidents and Directors’ participation and we support the various initiatives developed by our business organizations, ensuring the presence and participation of CEOE in all matters directly or indirectly affecting its members at a local, regional, national and international levels.
CEOE aims to keep being a reference for entrepreneurs domestically and internationally; to this end, from the Department of Institutional Relations we collaborate in the organization of various events with the government, representative institutions, embassies, international chambers, foundations, professional associations, government representatives from other countries, our regional and sectoral organizations and our counterparts in the world, presenting and analysing those aspects that have impact on Spanish companies in various business areas such as labour, economic, fiscal or international affairs.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the work carried out by this Department of Institutional Relations in conveying to the institutions as well as to the members the position held by the Confederation in those issues whose nature affects business interests.   

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