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The industrial sector is vital for the competitiveness of the Spanish economy since it is a driving factor in other activities and the main exporting sector.

CEOE analyses, both at a national and European level, the policies, programs and measures that directly affect the competitiveness of our industrial business sector, as well as other initiatives that have a direct impact. Integrating industrial competitiveness in all areas is a priority if we wish to achieve the European objective of making industry account for 20% of the GDP in 2020.

Services represent the largest sector in advanced economies due to their contribution to production and employment. In Spain they accounted for 68% of the GDP and 77% of the country’s employment in 2015.

We pay special attention to policies and measures affecting tourism, since it’s a strategic sector for the economy and it has a leading position in the world; and to the transport and logistics sectors, for being essential in achieving competitiveness, in the development of other activities and in the mobility of goods and services.

In addition we analyse policies that affect the construction industry, in relation to infrastructure, concessions, housing and rehabilitation.


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