One of the most significant functions of CEOE's Permanent Delegation to the European Union is to voice the interests of Spanish business at BUSINESSEUROPE The representative role is carried out, mainly, through the Delegation’s participation in the governing bodies and working groups, with the aim of voicing the concerns of Spanish employers. In this way, CEOE’s Delegation coordinates the preparation of reports for the participation of the President and Secretary General in the governing bodies, i.e. the Executive Board, the Executive Committee and Council of Presidents. It also participates in the meetings of Permanent Delegates and in the Policy Commissions and Working Groups.

It’s the Confederation of European Entrepreneurs that represents 40 business and industry federations from 34 countries, with CEOE being their Spanish full member since 1978. In total, it represents more than 20 million large, medium and small companies.

Its main goals are:

  •     To generate more economic growth and create more employment

  •     To improve our business competitiveness in Europe.

    To achieve these goals, BUSINESSEUROPE undertakes three main actions:

    a) To promote professional interests of the companies represented by their member organizations, such as, for example, CEOE itself.

    b) To influence the decision-making process at a European level so that policies and legislative proposals affecting businesses in Europe take the member needs into account.

    c) To represent its members in the European social dialogue in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty (arts. 138 and 139).