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CEOE has closely followed as it still does today the European integration process, especially through the Permanent Delegation to the European Union (EU), located in Brussels.

A process that has played and still holds important implications for companies, due to, among other reasons, the configuration of the European internal market, where almost 65% of Spanish exports are directed; or the introduction of the single currency, the Euro, currently shared by 19 countries, including Spain.

Within this framework CEOE prepares the Open Line Project, in collaboration with the State Secretariat for Trade and the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX). The project detects barriers encountered by companies that want to export their goods and services to the European Union and, once identified, it tries to resolve them together with the competent bodies and the national or European governments.

From a business perspective, our goal is to achieve a more integrated, more dynamic and less bureaucratic EU in order to serve our companies, the main driver for growth and employment.

In this section of the European Union you can read about the initiatives launched and developed by the EU with most impact on businesses, including the ones proposed by our European organization, (BUSINESSEUROPE). Moreover, CEOE holds a privileged spot on the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), where it is represented by its seven business Advisors.

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