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Energy is a key competitiveness factor for many industrial sectors and companies. Therefore, CEOE’s goal in each legislative proposal, at a European as well as a national level, is to get a competitive energy price to improve our companies’ economic situation.

We work to reaffirm the need to achieve a State Pact that would enable the creation of a stable, predictable and sustainable energy system over time. To do this, we need an energy mix to ensure our country’s compliance with the policies and commitments undertaken at the lowest possible cost.

With regards to environmental issues, CEOE works to ensure legislative proposals in this area do not pose a barrier to achieve a more competitive industrial sector, with the aim of meeting the objective of making industry account for 20% of the GDP at a national level. To this end, environmental legislation has to find a balance in line with the concept of sustainability and the economic, social and environmental pillars. It is also necessary to identify business opportunities that may arise for Spanish companies on the back of certain legislative initiatives.

Climate change, waste, air quality, integrated prevention and control of pollution, environmental responsibility, water and REACH, are some of the topics that our Commission on Sustainable Development and the Environment has been working on.

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