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To achieve greater economic growth and social cohesion, there must be job creation coupled with sustainability, productivity and competitiveness of Spanish companies. The structure and characteristics of our labour market, the policies and regulatory frameworks and the labour costs largely condition the achievement of these objectives.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to keep track of the different variables affecting our labour market in order to assess the measures adopted and make proposals aimed at achieving economic and employment growth, by correcting deficiencies and barriers.

In this process, social dialogue represents an essential tool to address our country’s economic and social problems; collective bargaining becomes the most appropriate instrument to achieve a properly functioning industrial relations system at all levels, by adapting to different situations, industries and companies.

An analysis of the labour market cannot overlook how workers may access it or the stages prior to joining the labour force, since the ultimate goal of generating employment can only be achieved through quality education and training that is tailored to the business needs and the reality of the labour market.

Furthermore, effective equality between men and women and attention to diversity as an element of competitiveness is a fundamental principle and a necessary condition for the achievement of the objectives of growth, employment and social cohesion.

From the labour market department, we try to bring together, through its several Commissions and Sub-Commissions, business issues concerning labour relations, social dialogue, collective bargaining, conflict, employment, equality, immigration, education and knowledge management. Our goal is to stand as one sole voice that responds to the needs of the productive sector, and whose defence is ensured through our intense institutional participation and active involvement in the promotion of social dialogue and social agreement with the Government and the different unions, both at a national and an international level; we also strive to make proposals, contributions and amendments to legislative initiatives or other measures enacted by the different bodies of the Public Administration. We supplement all of the above with analyses, studies and reports necessary for the proper running of the business activity.

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