R&D and Innovation and the Digital Society R&D and Innovation and the Digital Society

We continuously analyse the evolution of policies and activities related to Research, Development and Innovation in Spain, both at public and private levels, as well as the digitalization process in companies, the Administration and the society in general. This job is carried out within specialized advisory bodies, who prepare reports and position papers on issues related to R&D and Innovation that may affect businesses, a crucial matter for improving competitiveness and attaining economic growth.

Once the situation has been analysed, the R&D and Innovation and Digital Society Commissions work on preparing the most appropriate proposals geared at public aids for R&D and Innovation, the internationalization of innovation, industrial and intellectual property, new technologies, Smart Cities, data protection or electronic invoicing, among others. These proposals, once they are validated by our organization’s governing bodies, are transferred in a timely and appropriate manner to the Administration, both national and European, and to the various political, social and business actors involved in these matters.

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