19 oct 2017

Three farmers from Palencia, recipients of the European award “Young Innovative Farmer”

The Tejerina-García siblings, Beatriz, Fernando and Verónica, young farmers aged 30, 32 and 33 respectively, who run a modern sheep farm in Autillo de Campos (Palencia) received the "Innovative Young Farmer 2017" award at the European Young Farmers contest, held today in the European Parliament during the 4th European Congress of Young Farmers.

"Innovative Young Farmer 2017" award
"Innovative Young Farmer 2017" award — ©CEOE

According to ASAJA, among the 250 projects presented and the 11 finalists that were defending their modern, innovative and sustainable agrarian projects today in Brussels, the jury was impressed by these three siblings from Palencia and chose them as winners of the Young Farmer Award 2017 under the category “Best Innovative Project”. An Austrian organic production farm was awarded a prize under the category “Best Sustainable Project”, and the absolute winner was a Dutch project from the NAJK association.

The three siblings from Palencia run a sheep farm, "Ovino TG", with about 3,000 heads that employs 9 people (five founding members and 4 external workers) and that has modern facilities with innovative management and administration teams, animal handling and comfort, safety ... in short, a farm that is a national and international benchmark and which receives numerous visits every year and many inquiries looking for advice.