28 sep 2017
Business Meeting at CEOE - Turkey

The Turkish Minister for EU Affairs highlights the prominence of Spanish companies in his country

Other participants included Juan Pablo Lázaro, Inmaculada Riera and José Luis Káiser.

Turkey's Minister for EU Affairs and chief negotiator, Ömer Çelik, said during his speech at the meeting held today in CEOE, on the occasion of his official visit to Spain, that, in the midst of a period of increasing uncertainty at an international level and in which we face common challenges, important steps have been taken to improve mutual understanding and reciprocal cooperation.

Turkey's Minister for EU Affairs in his speech at the meeting held today in CEOE — ©CEOE

The Turkish Minister added that, in the establishment of the bases for such collaboration, in addition to the political structures, the different parts of society play a very important role. He also highlighted the role of representatives from the business world as being of utmost importance. In addition, he stressed the leading role of companies in the economic development of his country. Furthermore, he mentioned the update of the Turkey-EU Customs Union. He called for an improvement of the latter, thus further promoting the integration at the commercial level of both sides, with the aim of increasing the already large trade volume existing between them, solving the problems posed by the application of this union and including new areas in it.

Importance of Spain and its companies

He referred to the great importance of the support provided by Spain during Turkey’s process of membership to the EU and he said that, perhaps, both countries have a better understanding of each other than other EU countries. He also reported that Turkey, whose national income was set at $ 230 billion in 2002, has seen its national income quadruple to $ 857 billion as a result of the sturdy reforms carried within the framework of the adjustments needed to comply with EU conditions. He added that the stability achieved and the safe environment that emerged during this process has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of direct foreign investment in the country, which in 2016 reached $126 billion.