12 jul 2017

The chairperson of CEOE will accompany Their Majesties the King and Queen on their State visit to the United Kingdom

In addition to Juan Rosell, the chairman of CEPYME, Antonio Garamendi, and the Director of the CEOE Chairman

The CEOE chairman, Juan Rosell, will accompany Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain on the state visit they are making to the United Kingdom. Together with Mr Rosell, the chairman of CEPYME, Antonio Garamendi, and the director of the CEOE Chairman's Office, Narciso Casado, will also be travelling to participate in the official events and business meetings with Their Majesties in London

The chairperson of @CEOE_ES will accompany Their Majesties the King and Queen on their State visit to the United Kingdom

The activities planned for this trip include the United Kingdom-Spain Business Forum that will be held on Thursday 13th at Mansion House (London) with authorities and businesspeople from both countries to discuss bilateral business opportunities. This trip opens new possibilities to strengthen our presence as a key technological and industrial partner in the United Kingdom. During the meeting, organised by the Secretariat of State for Trade, CEOE and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, business leaders from both countries will share their experience in both markets and discuss the advantages and challenges they face abroad. During the visit to the United Kingdom, the CEOE delegation will also meet their counterparts from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).



Business with the United Kingdom is an issue of great interest for CEOE and its provincial and sectoral organisations. As a result, in recent years, we have been working endlessly to achieve greater levels of cooperation between the two countries, thanks to the close collaboration between the CEOE and its British counterpart, the CBI.

Business opportunities

The sectors in the UK that provide opportunities for Spanish companies include infrastructure, telecommunications, renewable energy, the automotive industry, and banking. The National Infrastructure Plan sets out investment targets for the coming years to improve the country’s competitiveness, highlighting the “Crossrail” project and the implementation of high-speed systems. The said plan also refers to road renovations, flood prevention, and digital and scientific infrastructure. The British government plans to increase the percentage of GDP allocated each year to infrastructure; reaching 1% by 2020.

Regarding technology, the "Tech City UK” cluster, established in 2010 in East London, plans to become a key technology hub at European level, capable of attracting leading international companies and facilitating cooperation and partnership arrangements with comparable foreign companies to boost innovation. The recent approval of the new digital strategy by the British government seeks to promote both the internationalisation of domestic companies and partnerships with foreign businesses.

Promoting renewable energy is a priority for the United Kingdom. Despite being a world leader in this industry, the country also presents opportunities for foreign companies with effective investment projects.