16 ene 2019
Board of Directors


In today’s meeting, CEOE’s Board of Directors, upon the proposal from its president, Antonio Garamendi, has approved the appointment of Marta Blanco Quesada as the president of the Business Confederation’s Tourism, Culture and Sports Council as well as the incorporation of the National Federation of Associations of Self-employed Workers, ATA, to the aforementioned Business Confederation.

Appointment of Marta Blanco Quesada as the president of the Business Confederation’s Tourism, Culture and Sports Council

The expansion of the Tourism Council to now include the areas of Culture and Sport aims, in addition to strengthening the presence of the tourism sector, to showcase two areas that are closely related to this sector and that have enormous impact at national and international levels.

Marta Blanco, current president of CEOE International, belongs to the Official Body of State Economists and Trade Experts. She has a degree in Business from the Autonomous University of Madrid, additional studies in Political Science from the Complutense University and an MBA from the School of Industrial Organization (EOI).

She has extensive experience in the field of Tourism since she served as Director General of Tourism to the Autonomous Community of Madrid (2017). Between 2013 and 2016, she was the General Director of Spain’s Tourism Institute (Turespaña), she has been a Member of the Spanish Tourism Council, a Member of the Interministerial Tourism Commission, the President of the Board of Tourism Directors of the Autonomous Communities and member of the Board of Directors of the European Travel Commission.

She also held the positions of Secretary of the Interministerial Commission for Negotiations at the World Trade Organization and Secretary of the Consultative Commission on International Trade Negotiations (2009-2011).

Among other institutional positions, she has been director of the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Trade (2011-2013), deputy director general of Commercial Policy to the European Union (2006-2009), director of the Consumer Goods Division at ICEX (2005-2006) ), Spain’s representative at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) (2002-2005), deputy director general of External Debt and Project Assessment and head of the Spanish delegation at the Paris Club (1999-2002).

In addition, she has held the position of adviser to the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Trade (1996-1999) and head of the Support Unit of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. She has also been a Member of the Boards of Directors of ICEX, AENA, CESCE, PYMAR and Expansión Exterior.


ATA joins CEOE

On the other hand, the Board of Directors has approved the membership into CEOE of the National Federation of Associations of Self-Employed Workers, ATA, after the request made yesterday by this Federation.

ATA was established in 1995 and is composed of national, regional, provincial, local, sectoral and intersectoral groups and associations, who have their own legal personality and whose professional scope includes all self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs, whether or not they employ other individuals.