03 abr 2018


The decalogue on urgent measures to promote R+D+i in Spain was presented at CEOE

The President of CEOE, Juan Rosell, said that “R+D+i is a priority and should always be part of the political agenda”, during the opening of the event for the presentation of the “Decalogue on measures to promote R+D+i in Spain”. The president of the Spanish employers’ organization pointed out that the two items that suffered the most during the crisis were investment and R+D+i. In this regard, Rosell highlighted that "during recovery times, education, training and R+D+i must be prioritized". 

Presentation of the “Decalogue on measures to promote R+D+i in Spain"
Presentation of the “Decalogue on measures to promote R+D+i in Spain" — ©CEOE

"We’ve already lost precious time and we have to turn it around because we’re getting to the end of the road ", said Juan Rosell who, in addition, also highlighted the need to increase investment, both public and private, as well as to simplify and restore legal certainty for tax exemptions related to R+D+I, which are, currently, "not clear enough". For Rosell, following this decalogue is the appropriate route to catch up with the important European countries.

Meanwhile, the president of CEOE’s Commission on R+D+i, Juan López-Belmonte, stated that it is starting to be extremely complicated to meet all the requirements necessary to access R+D. Thus, he stressed the need to “simplify” procedures and improve coordination within the [Central] Public Administration and between this Administration and the Regional Governments.  López-Belmonte explained the measures proposed by the employers to improve the status of R+D+i in Spain, starting with a large State Pact on the issue.

López-Belmonte underlined the important role played by the Government in order for the measures proposed to be successful: "We’ve been trying to include it in the political agenda for years, with little success ". To achieve this, employers want R+D to become the responsibility of the Government in office and for its allocation within the General State Budget to increase. Furthermore, they ask for legislative and administrative simplification, more training and retention of talent, improvement in R + D + i funding and innovative public procurement and the promotion of social innovation.