28 sep 2016
Ibero-American Congress

Juan Rosell and Rebeca Grynspan announced the Eleventh Ibero-American Business Meeting at CEOE

It shall be held within the framework of the Twenty-fifth Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government.

The President of CEOE and head of the Permanent Technical Secretariat for the Council of Ibero-American Entrepreneurs, CEIB, Juan Rosell and Rebeca Grynspan, head of the General Ibero-American Secretariat (SEGIB), introduced today, at CEOE’s headquarters, the Eleventh Ibero-American Business Meeting, which will be held on October 27 and 28 in the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias, and where issues such as entrepreneurship, education and employability of young people will be discussed, as well as peace as the essential axis to create a favourable environment for entrepreneurial investment and development of activities.

Juan Rosell and Rebeca Grynspan announced the Eleventh Ibero-American Business Meeting at CEOE

Previously, Juan Rosell, Rebeca Grynspan and the director of Institutional Relations, Narciso Casado, held a business meeting with all the Latin American ambassadors. During this meeting, they analysed the Agreement with SEGIB and discussed the corporate events that will take place, organized by CEIB, SEGIB and the Colombian Enployers’ Association ANDI, taking advantage of the celebration of the Eleventh Ibero-American Business Meeting.

Juan Rosell said the meeting has an essential central theme, namely "Youth, Entrepreneurship and Education" and that conclusions on these and other issues will, subsequently, be delivered to the Heads of State and Government who are meeting on October 28 and 29 in the same Colombian city mentioned above.

In the chapter on education, the president of CEOE said that they should share what they do and who comprises the Universities throughout the Latin American region, which has more than 1,000 universities. The needs of many of the companies and self-employed individuals should also be made clear in order to paint a portrait of the companies in the region. Many if them are SMEs and, on this issue, he mentioned that in Spain there are only 4,500 companies with more than 250 workers, which represent 40% of the jobs.

He also stressed the important work carried out by the CEIB since its recent creation, calling it an agile and effective Council, always supported by the Ibero-American General Secretariat, SEGIB, and the International Organization of Employers, IOE, and their achievement since then of the fundamental cohesion among the business organizations that comprise it.

On the other hand, Rebeca Grynspan said that it is expected that more than 6 eads of State and Government will attend the Business Forum and that peace in Colombia could double foreign investment and enable an increase of 3 points in the GDP.  She focused on highlighting the role of public-private partnerships and defined education as the key to youth employability and development.