08 mar 2018
At Zarzuela Palace

His Majesty, King Felipe VI, meets with experts participating in the second Ibero-american forum of micro, Small and Medium-sized Companies (MSMS)

The Third Ibero-American MSME Forum will be held in Nicaragua next year

H.M. King Felipe VI held audience at Zarzuela Palace for the experts participating in the Second Ibero-American Forum of MSMEs, led by the president of CEOE, Juan Rosell; the president of CEIB, Antonio Malouf; the president of CEPYME, Antonio Garamendi; and SEGIB’s Secretary for Ibero-American cooperation, Maria Andrea Albán. At the closing ceremony, the president of the Ibero-American Council of Entrepreneurs (CEIB), Antonio Malouf, announced that the Third Ibero-American MSME Forum would be held in Nicaragua next year. CEIB, SEGIB and CEOE will work on a document gathering the conclusions reached at the Forum, which will be conveyed to the different governments of the Ibero-American countries and will serve as basis for the contents of the Twelfth Ibero-American Entrepreneurial Meeting, to be held in Guatemala in November.

Presentation of the report “Review of Maritime Transport”
Presentation of the report “Review of Maritime Transport”

First day of the Forum (the 7th)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Alfonso Dastis, yesterday closed the first day of the Second Ibero-American Forum of MSMEs, organized by the Ibero-American General Secretariat, the Council of Ibero-American Entrepreneurs, CEIB, and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, CEOE. Businessmen from different Ibero-American countries, Portugal and Spain will take part in the forum, where issues of great interest for MSMEs will be discussed, such as public policies to foster these types of companies, the role of business organizations in boosting their development, multi-Latin companies as an opportunity for inclusion in global value chains, good practices, new public and private financial tools, the role of regional banks in their internationalization, the role of private banks and new financing actors, investment funds, angel investors, crowd-funding or start-up strategies, among others.

The opening speech was delivered by the Ibero-American General Secretary, Rebeca Grynspan, the presidents of CEIB and CEOE, Antonio Malouf and Juan Rosell, respectively, and the General Director of Bilateral Economic Relations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Cristina Serrano Leal.

Authorities and representatives of SMEs in the Region, such as the Dominican Republic’s Minister of Industry, Commerce and SMEs of, Nelson Toca Simó; Guatemala’s Deputy Minister of Development for MSMEs, Gloria Zarazúa; Costa Rica’s Deputy Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce, Marcia Montes Castillo, Bolivia’s Vice Minister of Micro and Small Enterprises, Saturnino Ramos Ramos; El Salvador’s President of CONAMYPE, Ileana Rogel; the Republic of Nicaragua’s Advising Minister to the Presidency for Policies and International Affairs, Sidhartha Marín Arauz, and Argentina’s Director for Stronger Productive Systems, Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and SMEs for the Production Ministry, Donatela Orsi, attended the session. This part of the Forum was inaugurated by the Vice President of CEOE and President of CEPYME, Antonio Garamendi.

The following personalities talked about the role of business organizations in boosting the development of MSMEs: the President of Nicaragua’s COSEP (Higher Council for Private Enterprises), José Adán Aguerri; the Vice President of CEPYME, Gerardo Cueva Valdivia; and the Deputy Secretary of the IOE, Roberto Suárez Santos. Spain’s Director General of Industry and SMEs, Mario Buisán, acted as host of the session.


Second day of the Forum (the 8th)

The participating experts analysed public policies that promote innovation and entrepreneurship through the analysis of instances that call for collaboration between SMEs, productive transformation, or innovation as a basis for internationalization. They also addressed the inclusion of MSMEs in the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Digital Ecosystem in the Region, they talked about skills and training in digitalization, and the contributions of this type of companies to Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, among other important issues.

Following the meeting with H.M. King Felipe VI, the Forum came to a close, and the president of CEIB, Antonio Malouf, announced the celebration of the Third Ibero-American MSME Forum next year in Nicaragua.



Among the institutions that participated in the Forum there were representatives from the International Organization of Employers, IOE, from Spain’s Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, from the Inter-American Development Bank, BDI, from CAF-Latin American Development Bank, from the Instituto de Crédito Oficial, ICO, from banks BBVA and Santander and from companies such as MAPFRE.

Other attendees included senior executives from the OECD, from the Regional Centre for the Promotion of MSMEs in Central America, CENPROMYPE, from El Salvador’s National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises, CONAMYPE, from Portugal’s Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, from Uruguay’s General Management of SMEs, from Colombia’s Global Compact for Latin America and from Chile’s “The Talent Factor”, among others.


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