21 mar 2018
Branding activity in Spain


In Spain, corporate brands are gaining more and more strategic value for companies. This is one of the conclusions of the third edition of the barometer "The health of branding in Spain", prepared by the Spanish Association of Branding Companies (AEBrand), which analyses how companies are taking care of and treating their brand, as well as the challenges and trends for 2018.

Barometer "The health of branding in Spain"
Barometer "The health of branding in Spain"

The research study, presented today by the president of Aebrand, Conrad Llorens, and the Managing Director of Ediciones y Estudios, Jaime de Haro, concludes that 8 out of 10 respondents think that the brand contributes to the achievement of the company's results and that having a strong brand is fundamental in the internationalization processes. Likewise, 9 out of 10 believe that the main goal of the corporate brand is to contribute to the company’s image and reputation.

More than 6 out of 10 respondents point to clear goals and the involvement of senior management as key factors for the success of brand management, as well as internal alignment and for the entire organization to be committed. "If there is no clear strategy for the brand, all other actions are meaningless," said Conrad Llorens.

As far as the concept is concerned, for 6 out of 10 respondents managing the brand consists on defining its strategic approach, although more than half understands it as the management of the logo and other graphic elements.