20 abr 2018
Promociona Project


Representatives from companies and directors interested in the Promociona Project recently attended an information session held at CEOE to learn about the keys to the success of the Promociona Project.  This project is currently in the process of selecting candidates for its 6th edition. In the previous five, a total of 437 women in management positions participated, of which 45% have been promoted to positions of greater responsibility.

Promociona Project
Promociona Project — ©CEOE

With 260 participating companies, Promociona has been launched abroad through Promociona Chile, with the Second Edition of the program currently being organized in that country.

At the conference held at CEOE, the director of Promociona, Gabriela Uriarte, together with the general deputy director for Entrepreneurship and the Professional Promotion of Women from the IMIO (under the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality), Begoña Suarez, and the Academic director of the ESADE program, Patricia Cauqui -the three institutions that sponsor the project – provided information about the about the program, the social context, the activities, the results and the keys to the success of Promociona.

In addition, Beatriz Navarro, Director of Marketing and Communication of FNAC and participant of the V Edition in course, shared with the audience her testimony and experience in the Project.

Promociona is specifically designed to strengthen the technical and leadership skills of women managers and, to achieve this, the academic contents taught at ESADE are completed with individual executive coaching sessions and a comprehensive individual cross-mentoring program with top executives (presidents, general management, CEOs...) from the participating companies, as well as with various networking activities in which leaders from different fields participate.