03 jul 2017

The Council of Ministers approves the Royal Decree on Training without the agreement of employers and unions

CEOE has received with surprise news that, at today’s Council of Ministers, they passed the Royal Decree that develops Law 30/2015 on the reform of the Vocational Training for Employment system, at a time when the Social Dialogue Table has hardly begun to work-. This is understood as a unilateral breach of the Government's negotiation on Training.

Training — ©Dreamstime

Last February, the Government opened four Social Dialogue Round Tables with employers and trade unions, among which was the "Mesa de Formación" (Training panel), whose main objective was to negotiate the Royal Decree that would develop Law 30/2015, which was to reform the Vocational Training for Employment system.

This panel has only met on two occasions, but in none of them was the analysis of the content of the aforementioned Royal Decree discussed.  The draft of the Decree was finally delivered by the Government to employers and trade union representatives at the second (and also final) meeting.

We should recall that the Reform of 2015 was developed, for the first time, without the consensus that had historically characterized the model and had allowed the social actors to sign successive Agreements with the different governments since 1992.

Faced with this situation, CEOE has always maintained its willingness to continue seeking dialogue to build a training system that really improves the competitiveness of companies and allows them to tackle important challenges that are already here: the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), higher added value products and services or the new professions that are bound to emerge due to the progress of technology, but that do not yet exist.

After its publication in the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) and the analysis of the final text, CEOE will study the scope and impact of this new Royal Decree and will assess the adoption of the measures it deems appropriate, regretting that matters have reached this point without an agreement with the social sectors.