12 dic 2017
New incorporation

Telepizza, new member to CEOE

Both entities have signed an agreement whereby Telepizza becomes a member of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, as of last October.

The Telepizza Group, the largest non-US company by number of stores in home-delivery of pizza, is, since last October, a member of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE).

Telepizza, new member to CEOE
Telepizza, new member to CEOE — ©CEOE

“Being part of CEOE is an important milestone for Telepizza. I am confident that this agreement will provide us with great opportunities and, needless to say, we wish to contribute and participate, bringing our 30 years of experience in the Spanish market and our extensive experience in international markets, in the numerous initiatives developed by the Confederation ", said Pablo Juantegui, CEO and President of Telepizza http://www.pablojuantegui.com.


Telepizza Group

It is the largest non-US company, in number of stores, in the business of home-delivery of pizza. With headquarters in Madrid, Spain, Telepizza operates in more than 20 countries through a network including its own stores, franchisees and master franchisees, totalling 1,448 stores:  461 own stores (32%) and 987 franchisees and master franchises (68%) at September 30, 2017.