20 abr 2018


The meeting was organized by CEOE, the Secretary of State for Commerce, Spain’s Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Kazakhstan.

During his speech on the "opportunities for business cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan", the vice-president of CEOE’s Commission of International Relations, Julián Nuñez, highlighted the celebration of Expo Astaná 2017, the creation of the International Financial Centre and the privatizations undertaken as three important milestones that have had a positive impact on the development of infrastructures, the attraction of investments and the reactivation of employment in Kazakhstan.

Meeting Kazakhstan
Meeting Kazakhstan — ©CEOE

He also indicated that the following represent important elements for trade within the Eurasian and extra-mural space: Kazakhstan’s foreign policy, its integration in multilateral organizations and its regional integration in spaces such as the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union – in which the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic are also represented - and the Customs Union between Kazakhstan, Russia and the Republic of Belarus. He also highlighted the entry into force of the new Customs Code.

In addition, the European Union is Kazakhstan’s top trade partner and the most important investor in the country, representing more than 50% of the foreign investment.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of State for Trade, Marisa Poncela, highlighted the potential for improving trade and bilateral investment relations between Spain and Kazakhstan, given the upward trend that both economies are currently experiencing. He also pointed out the strength of the institutional forums for cooperation between the two countries, because they enable the sharing of information on sectors of interest and regions with potential for both. “Therefore," he added," Spain is willing to analyse possibilities of financial cooperation to support the development of joint projects.”

In this regard, he stressed Kazakhstan’s willingness to take advantage, given its strategic position, of the window of opportunity that the Silk Road represents and, in this endeavour, Spanish companies could become important partners and allies for companies and for the Kazakh government.