01 jun 2017
World Competitiveness Ranking 2017

Spain maintains its position in the global competitiveness ranking

Spain maintains its position in the 2017 World Competitiveness Ranking by holding the 34th place - the same as in 2016 - out of a total of 63 economies analysed, according to the information produced by CEOE’s Research Department, and based on the World Competitiveness Ranking.  This ranking is developed by the Institute for Management Development (IMD), with which CEOE collaborates and that addresses the political, social and cultural dimensions of competitiveness, in addition to the strictly economic side.

International competitiveness
International competitiveness — ©Dreamstime

In comparison to the 2016 study, our country improves its position in Public Sector Efficiency, where it holds the 38th position, and in Infrastructures, where it is ranked 26, and it comes in at a worse place in Economic Results, with 35th place, and in Business Efficiency, ranking 42nd out of a total of 63 countries.