25 oct 2017
CEOE CEPYME Business Meeting

Pedro Miró (CEPSA): “We want to offer our customers the energy they demand”

The President of CEOE, Juan Rosell, the President of Cepyme, Antonio Garamendi and the vice-president and CEO of Cepsa, Pedro Miró took part in the Business Meeting.

Cepsa’s CEO, Pedro Miró, stated that his company wants to offer the energy demanded by customers and they aim to "play a role" in the different areas of the energy business. "We want to offer the energy that our clients demand," he explained.

Pedro Miró, vice-president and CEO of Cepsa
Pedro Miró, vice-president and CEO of Cepsa — ©CEOE

Miró, who participated in the Business Meeting organized by CEOE-CEPYME, stated that his company is not going to take a sharp turn in its strategy and will continue to implement the plan they drafted which extends up to the year 2030.

In his initial presentation, he had already explained that, with the way the world is evolving, Cepsa has to be an "energy supplier" and he added that the energy it supplies will depend on each reality and each client.

On the other hand, Miró said that, right now, the current energy mix "is clearly being questioned" and Cepsa is assessing what approach should be followed, for which it is carrying out a prospective analysis that will be presented next month.

This upcoming report will analyse regions, consumption trends, trends in transport, as well as the evolution of consumption and chemical products, Miró explained, who added that all this would later take shape in geographical areas and products.