31 oct 2018
CEOE-CEPYME Business Meeting

Pablo Juantegui: “It’s time for the brave, an entrepreneurial and creative mentality marks the difference nowadays”

The President of the Telepizza Group participated today in a new edition of the CEOE CEPYME Business Meetings, where, through his talk, ‘Telepizza: the key points for a market under transformation’ has pointed out several keys to adapt to the new digital era and the challenges that lie ahead in the organized restaurant industry.

El presidente de Telepizza
©David Mudarra

Juantegui, who will celebrate his 10 years as head of the leading Spanish company in the pizza delivery segment, went on to say: “Many of the rules of the game that were valid in the past have disappeared, competitors have mutated, and customers has transformed the ‘here’ and ‘now’ into their consumption motto”. Furthermore, he said, “demand for new products and services can no longer be addressed from a stance of re-styling our proposal”. For the President of Telepizza, change requires a comprehensive transformation of the company’s corporate culture, a review of all the procedures and models established until now, with the aim of making them more flexible and more receptive to the current market demands.

To achieve this, breaking the barriers and giving free rein to creativity becomes a must for any organization that wants to successfully move forward towards the future. "It's time for the brave, an entrepreneurial and creative mentality makes the difference nowadays". This is why Pablo Juantegui encouraged the more than 120 attendees to innovate in their business model and to not be afraid to immerse and delve into the wide world of digitalisation in order to generate new ways of acting and interacting with the customers.

The needed innovation in the organized restaurant sector: delivery and digitalization

According to Pablo Juantegui, in line with the forecasts and trends foreseen by the market's expert analysts, delivery and digitalization are two of the main axes around which the restaurant sector will revolve in the coming years. "Two unstoppable trends that are here to stay and evolve," he stated. The numbers speak for themselves. In the first half of 2018 alone, Telepizza recorded a 41% growth in sales just through its renewed app, already representing 30% of total digital sales. "This shows that the efficiency of this type of digital tools is enabling constant improvement in both, the commercial offer and the efficiency of order processing and product traceability," said the company's top executive.

Juantegui also highlighted during his speech the renewed role played by brands today in proposing new experiences, as well as the need to adapt the business structure to flexible and operational working methods in continuously change scenarios.

The president and CEO of the Telepizza Group concluded his speech encouraging the business community to generate business models that are sustainable and responsible with the different audiences with which a company interacts, and he added: "although it is a significant challenge, we have the best tools we've ever had to achieve it. "

The meeting was opened by the general secretary of CEOE, Ana Plaza, who introduced the speaker, highlighting that he has been Telepizza’s CEOE since November 2009 and was appointed president of the company in 2016. She recalled that the company has already exported its business model to 23 countries and that it currently has 1,607 points of sale and 25,000 employees around the world.

At the closing of the event, Gerardo Cuerva, vice-president of CEPYME, highlighted the role of Telepizza as a pioneer in the modern restaurant and delivery sector in Spain. He recalled that it started as a family business and is currently the market leader in home delivery of ready meals and the fourth largest company in the world in terms of turnover in the pizza segment, the first non-American company.

Cuerva pointed out, as one of the keys to this success, Telepizza’s process of adaptation to the digitalization challenges and its commitment to innovation and quality to carry out the company’s transformation within a globalized and changing environment.