14 jul 2016

Offers exclusive apps to access the document "The economy in graphs" on your smartphone or tablet

CEOE has made available to anyone who wishes to use them the apps for the document "The Economy in Graphs 2015", both in English and in Spanish, enabling easy access from a smartphone or tablet

To this end, below please find below the QR codes that need to be captured with the devices in order to download and install these exclusive CEOE apps.

The economy in graphs 2015
The economy in graphs — ©CEOE

The goal of the document "The Economy in Graphs" is to summarize data relating to the key variables pertaining to the Spanish economy, taking into account, mainly, the indicators that are most relevant for the business world. The information is published annually and presented in graphs and tables to enable a more accurate diagnosis and with the aim of helping in deciding what economic measures are most appropriate.

You may download our free app "The Economy in Graphs" on you smartphone or tablet.  With the app "The Economy in Graphs" you have all the information relating to the main Spanish economic data at your fingertips.  Download it now.


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