23 feb 2017

Macri delivers the closing speech at the Business Meeting held at CEOE

This afternoon at CEOE, the President of the Republic of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, delivered the closing speech for the Spain-Argentina Business Meeting, organized by CEOE, the Secretary of State for Commerce, Spain’s Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina.  The meeting was attended by more than 600 Spanish and Argentinian entrepreneurs. B2B (business to business) meetings were held, as well as meetings with Spanish sector associations and Argentinian authorities from various fields.


During the closing ceremony, Macri underlined that the main challenge he has pledged to fight is to reduce poverty and, to achieve this, he asked for the support of entrepreneurs, noting that there are clear game rules that create corporate awareness and trust and pointing out that it will be easier to accomplish this together.

He highlighted the activity of small and medium-sized enterprises, which generate between 70 and 80% of all employment and he requested that they continue demonstrating their creativity. He also indicated that Argentina was opening up, as Spain did some time ago, and that this was being proven by the importance of exports. He stressed that a progressive interaction with the world is necessary and that we must tread this path together, since we share the same language, culture and values.

Meanwhile, Juan Rosell noted the importance of the meeting held today, due, mainly, to its practical nature that will serve to begin, in some cases, and consolidate, in others, investment and business.