26 abr 2018
Digital Plan 2025


Julio Linares, president of CEOE’s Commission on the Digital Society, asked for a political agreement on digitalization at today’s presentation of the "Plan for the Digitalization of the Spanish society, Digital Plan 2025", prepared by the business organization, at a meeting held in Parliament.

Julio Linares, president of CEOE’s Commission on the Digital Society, presented the "Digital Plan 2025"
Julio Linares, president of CEOE’s Commission on the Digital Society, presented the "Digital Plan 2025" — ©CEOE

Under the aforementioned agreement, a public entity of the appropriate level and with transversal coordinating responsibility should be appointed to the project, in addition to assigning a Commission in Parliament to follow up on the Digitalization Pact, ensure its development and verify that it has the legal framework and the appropriate means to be implemented. Likewise, the agreement should promote alignment with European plans; establish a social dialogue on the work of the future and the future of work and carry out campaigns to reinforce a sense of urgency and accelerate digitalization, among other issues.

Julio Linares insisted that everything that can be digitalized, will be digitized, just as everything that can be automated, will be automated, everything that can be connected, will be connected and everything that can be analysed, will be will analysed, which leads to a hyper-connected and intelligent digital society. He indicated that we are facing a digital environment, full of data, globalization, immediacy, automation and disruptions.

All this, according to the president of CEOE’s Commission on the Digital Society forces us to face new challenges. Something to which the consumer has already adapted, and to which companies and administrations are in the process of adapting.

A need, not an option

Linares said that this issue is everyone’s responsibility, based on the idea that digitalization is a need and not an option, it is a means and not a purpose and it is a cultural change and not a technological addition. All this, he said, requires basic pillars such as education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In addition to Julio Linares, other participants included Ricardo Sixto, president of the Commission on Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, who opened and closed the meeting and explained the importance that digitalization represents for Congress and for its parliamentary groups.

Josep Sánchez Llibre, CEOE’s Head of Relations with Parliament, said that this is the seventh meeting that CEOE has held in Parliament. With these meetings we have had the possibility of conveying to Congress and the Senate (a meeting was also held with the latter) CEOE’s proposals in various issues.