14 sep 2016
Argentina Business & Investment Forum

Juan Rosell says that companies are the ones who create jobs, at the Argentina Business and Investment Forum

CEOE accompanied García-Legaz on his trip to Argentina and Brazil and held meetings with ministers and entrepreneurs from both countries.


Juan Rosell, president of CEOE and vice-president of the European Employers’ Association BUSINESSEUROPE, said that companies are the ones that create jobs and that, thus, the more companies, the more jobs available, during his participation at the “Argentina Business & Investment Forum”, which was inaugurated by the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, and which was held in Buenos between September 12 and 15.

Argentina's flag

Juan Rosell, who travelled with the director of the President's Office and of the International and Institutional Relations Departments, Narciso Casado, dedicated most of his speech to analysing the measures necessary to create jobs.  Among them, he highlighted Training, especially within the company or the education received in the early years and in high schools, which should foster entrepreneurship and promote a better image of entrepreneurs and companies.

As measures necessary for the creation of jobs, he also mentioned having simple and understandable regulations and social dialogue with the trade unions. Along these lines, he encouraged Argentinian entrepreneurs and authorities to take note of the consultation, negotiation and social dialogue model in Spain between employers and unions, which has worked very well.

The event, held in Buenos Aires, was attended by close to 1,800 business and political leaders from all over the world.  Issues such as investment in Argentina, agriculture, energy, telecommunications, high technology, infrastructure, oil, gas, urban development, the climate agenda and employment, among others, were discussed at the Forum.

On the other hand, CEOE held meetings with the Argentinian ministers of Finance, Prat Gay; of Production, Francisco Cabrera and of Transport, William Dietrich. They also met with representatives of the main Spanish companies with interests in Argentina. In many of these meetings they accompanied the Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García-Legaz.