26 feb 2018


With this new membership, the meat company will actively participate in CEOE’s activities and will be able to boost its interaction with other companies and sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Grupo Tello Alimentación, a company in the processed-meat industry based in Toledo and totally focused on its consumers for several decades, has become a member of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, CEOE, with the objective of participating actively in the activities of the employer’s organization and enhance its interaction with other companies and sectors, both nationally and internationally.

"Grupo Tello" new CEOE member
"Grupo Tello" new CEOE member — ©CEOE

The General Director of Grupo Tello Alimentación, Alfonso Alcázar and the Director of the Department of Companies and Organizations at CEOE, Javier Calderón Beltrán, have signed this membership agreement at the headquarters of the employer's federation.

This membership will allow Tello to participate in the Confederation’s different commissions, councils and working groups, as well as to benefit from the organization’s institutional relations and links with other business organizations, not only in Spain but also internationally. In addition, the new member will have access to advisory services and other initiatives such as events, projects or research studies carried out by CEOE.

On the other hand, Grupo Tello Alimentación has the intention and the commitment to share with both, the Confederation and its member companies, its experience of several decades not only in the food sector, but also as a member of other organizations. In this way, this company wants to contribute to boosting the industrial sector and the development of the Spanish business sector.