14 ene 2019


The president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has appointed Gregorio Izquierdo Llanes as Director of the new Economics Department. Izquierdo served as President of the National Statistics Institute between 2011 and 2018, he was Assistant Secretary and Spain’s representative at the Eurostat’s Committee on the European Statistics System and the UN’s Statistics Commission. In addition, he has been a member of the SME State Council and Head of the Electoral Registration Office.

Gregorio Izquierdo, Director of CEOE
Gegorio Izquierdo, Director of CEOE’s Economics Department and Bernardo Aguilera, Director of the Department of Regulatory and European Affairs — ©CEOE

The Department’s main responsibilities include the monitoring of the national and international economic situation, as well as the preparation of reports and forecasts on different socioeconomic and fiscal areas, in relation to economic variables and main indicators and supported by the appropriate statistical reports. To achieve this, he will take on and expand the current responsibilities of CEOE’s Research Unit, so that it becomes the source of reference for the analysis of any socioeconomic and social impact of any of the Government’s measures and proposals. He will also head the organization’s tax affairs department.

Gregorio Izquierdo, born in Madrid in 1969, is a State civil servant, having passed a public examination in 2003 to acquire his Tenure as a University Professor. He holds a PhD in Economics and Business from the Autonomous University of Madrid (1992-1996), a Bachelors in Economics and Business from the Complutense University of Madrid (1987-1992).

He was awarded the National “Angel Herrera” Prize for Social Sciences in 2000 by the San Pablo CEU University Foundation. Director Of Economics at the Círculo de Empresarios -the Association of Businessmen - (2011). Director of Analyses and Studies at Instituto de Estudios Económicos -Economics Studies Institute- (1997-2011), a private research centre that won the Economics group price “Infanta Cristina”, awarded to research centres. Professor with Tenure in Applied Economics at the UNED School of Economics, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Open University), (2003-2011). He has also been a Professor in, among others, the University San Pablo CEU (1994-2000) and several graduate schools.


Department of Regulatory and European Affairs

Bernardo Aguilera Sánchez-Garrido has been appointed by the president of CEOE as Director of the new Department of Regulatory and European Affairs. The Department’s main responsibilities include the coordination of the stance, analysis and proposals for amendments to regulatory and non-regulatory initiatives in sector policies that are key to the business activity, such as competitiveness, trade and consumption; industry, energy and the environment; transport and logistics; infrastructures, concessions and services; R + D + i and the digital society; the internal market and administrative simplification.

On the European front, he continues to head CEOE’s Delegation before the European Union and to lead the coordination of relations with the European Confederation of Business Organizations (BUSINESSEUROPE) and with EU institutions.

Bernardo Aguilera holds a Law degree and a Masters in International Relations from the Free University of Brussels (Université libre de Bruxelles), in addition to other graduate studies such as ESADE’s Top Management Program. With extensive international experience, he worked in the EU capital for over 15 years as part of CEOE’s Permanent Delegation to the EU, of which he became Deputy Director. In 2012, and until 2015, he was appointed Deputy Director to CEOE’s Secretary General. He is a member of the Economic and Social Council and of the State Council for Corporate Social Responsibility.