16 ene 2017

Gay de Montellà highlights Saudi Arabia as the most important destination for spanish investments in the middle east

The vice-president of CEOE and president of the Confederation’s Commission for International Relations, Joaquim Gay de Montellà, pointed to Saudi Arabia as Spain’s main partner in trade matters and the most important destination for our investments in the Middle East.  He made these statements during the meeting between Spanish entrepreneurs and H.M. the King and the subsequent Business Meeting celebrated at Riyadh’s Chamber of Commerce, which was attended by Saudi businessmen and some of the country’s top officials.  The event’s closing speech was delivered by the Spanish King. Joaquim Gay de Montellà, and the Director of International Relations, Narciso Casado, as well as close to thirty companies, accompanied King Felipe VI in his trip to Saudi Arabia.

CEOE accompanied King Felipe VI in his trip to Saudi Arabia

The vice-president of CEOE said that between 2010 and 2015 alone, our bilateral trade increased by over 56%, reaching a total of €6.5 million in the last year. Meanwhile, a high number of companies from sectors related to infrastructure, engineering, energy, fashion and information technologies, among others, have established a presence in this country.

Numerous projects carried out in sectors related to petrochemicals, water treatment, air control and transportation attest to the management capacity and technical progress of our companies, which are world leaders in many of the sectors mentioned. The vice-president of CEOE stressed that there is still a lot to be done if one takes into account the size and complementarity of both economies, which are part of the B20.