04 dic 2017

Figures for unemployment, new jobs and the number of people registered with the Social Security are better than the ones posted in the same month in 2016

Data released today by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security reflects the increase in unemployment in November for the fourth consecutive month. In this way, registered unemployment rises by 7,255 people, to set the total at 3,474,281, with unemployment rates last seen in January 2009. 

Employment office
Employment office

CEOE’s analysis of this data indicates that the increase should be assessed taking into account that the rise in unemployment in November was lower than the figure posted for this same month in 2016, when it went up by 24,841 people, and that November has traditionally been a negative month for employment since the effects of the summer season come to an end.

It is positive that, in seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment fell by 22,744 people and the balance of the last twelve months reflects a decline in registered unemployment of 315,542 individuals, with a yoy rate of -8.33%.