13 dic 2018


Ellevate Network has chosen the headquarters of CEOE to hold its presentation event in Spain through a round table on how to accelerate the inclusion and full equality of women in companies. Javier Calderón, Director of Companies and Organizations at CEOE, delivered the opening speech and welcoming words, and the event was moderated by María Eugenia Fanjul, partner and Head of Diversity at A. T. Kearney’s European Board.

Ellevate Network has chosen the headquarters of CEOE to hold its presentation event in Spain

In addition, Fanjul was in charge of introducing the roundtable and presenting the speakers and members of the Council in Spain: Adriana Bonezzi, Ana Céspedes, María García Nielsen, Rita Gasalla, Olga Gil, Kayla Madsen, Laura Molero, Isabel Serra and Erika Vallespin.

The event, held in CEOE’s plenary room, filled up with many top managers from different fields, and speakers included: Rita Gasalla, Erika Vallespín, Laura Molero and María García Nielsen, co-presidents and members of the Board of Ellevate Network respectively.

Maria Eugenia Fanjul emphasized the program being developed by AT Kearney whose main aim is to improve women’s networks of professional contacts as a key element to continue advancing in their professional careers, in contrast to men, who support themselves in a more proactive and effective way to get promoted in their careers. She briefly commented on the measures that A.T. Kearney is putting into practice with great success.

Rita Gasalla, stressed the importance of turning the Network into a life philosophy and pointed out that 80 per cent of jobs come about through networks of contacts, so it is essential to generate mutual trust networks based on generosity and excellence. In this regard, she recounted several instances of personal and professional success that clearly resulted from having relied on the appropriate networks.

Laura G Molero, highlighted the power of diversity as being indisputable, but she said we should take a further step towards inclusion, we shouldn’t settle with BEING THERE, we should also aim to BECOME.