21 may 2019
BIAC General Assembly


Marta Blanco has also met with representatives from Spain’s OFECOME in Paris.

The President of CEOE International, Marta Blanco, took part in the General Assembly of Business at OECD, BIAC, in Paris, with the aim of addressing various aspects related to the operation and organization of this consultative body, as well as its strategic guidelines for the coming months. During her visit, she also met with representatives from Spain’s OFECOME in Paris.

General Assembly of Business at OECD - BIAC
General Assembly of Business at OECD - BIAC

General Assembly

In the first part of the Assembly, the Steering Committee and the full members talked about topics that included the following:  approving the draft agenda and the minutes of the previous session; the up-to-date information on the Board’s strategic debates; matters related to the social picture; financial issues such as, on the one hand, the 2018 annual accounts and, on the other, the 2019 budget; and approving the new members of the Committee.

In a second session, the Steering Committee, full members, expert members, observer organizations and BIAC Friends attended the opening speech of the president and the presentation of the new members of the Committee. In addition, a speech was delivered by OECD Assistant Secretary General, Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen, followed by a report by the Secretary General on priorities and strategic guidelines for 2019.

Subsequently, the Business 2019 results will be presented within the OECD’s Economic Study, which will be commented by its chief economist, Laurence Boon. They will also address the priorities of the members regarding global governance and national challenges and what role should be play by the OECD. Finally, two issues of importance to members will also be addressed, namely "Companies in the contribution of the OECD to B20 / G20 and G7 / B7" and "Taking advantage of the digital transition for sustainable development: key messages from companies for the OECD Ministerial Council meeting ".

Business at OECD

The Business at OECD (BIAC) is a business advisory body representing the interests of 44 states that  are part of the OECD with the aim of working in different areas such as investment, trade, taxation, the environment and energy. They defend policies that enable companies of all sizes to contribute to growth and economic development. Through Business at OECD, national companies and employers' associations and their members are able to provide experience and knowledge to the OECD and to the different governments to achieve more competitive economies.