08 mar 2018
At the headquarters of the Business Organization

CEOE rejects isolating trends and backs the WTO as the leading authority for regulating trade

During the G20/B20 meeting in Argentina presided by Antonio Garamendi

The vice president of CEOE and president of CEPYME, Antonio Garamendi, stated during his speech at the Business Meeting organized by CEOE on Argentina’s G20 / B20 that Spanish businessmen reject those isolating and protectionist trends that have arisen in recent years and he expressed his support to the World Trade Organization, WTO, as the current leading authority for regulating trade.

G20/B20 meeting in Argentina
G20/B20 meeting in Argentina

More than 1,000 business representatives will attend the B20 Summit, where they will discuss topics of maximum interest for the B20: the Digital Economy and industry 4.0; employment and education; production and research; infrastructures and their financing; energy; the sustainable food system; the environment; transparency in companies and Public Administration and the Development of SMEs.