05 mar 2018


The publication’s cover includes an interview with the president of the Eulen group, María José Álvarez

CEOE published the second issue of the magazine “Empresario”. This quarterly publication tries to be a showcase for topics of interest to businessmen and the society as a whole, through reports, interviews, analyses and opinion articles. The magazine, which analyses the challenge of equality in the business world in several of its sections, includes an interview with the president of the Eulen group, María José Álvarez, on the cover.

Second issue of the magazine "Empresario"
Second issue of the magazine "Empresario" — ©CEOE

With the publication of the second issue of the magazine, CEOE consolidates an informative project that provides Spanish companies with a new channel to explain their proposals, with the aim of improving the economy and its competitiveness. The aim of the magazine Empresario and the digital newspaper elempresario.com is to do a comprehensive follow-up of reforms, always taking into account that the country is part of a European context that is becoming more and more global.

In the second issue of Empresario, top executives from different sectors are interviewed, including the CEO of Merlin Properties, Ismael Clemente, the executive vice-president of Cosentino, Álvaro de la Haza, the CEO of Ikea Italy, Belén Frau, or the general director of the new association “Digital”, Alicia Richart. It also analyses current issues such as the future of education, the challenges faced by the industry of the future or the international trends aimed at lowering corporate taxes. The publication also talks about internationalization, with practical information on investing or exporting to countries such as Morocco and Vietnam.

New features in the second issue include the creation of a Legal section in which, periodically, some of the main law firms will discuss the legal challenges faced by companies. The second issue of Empresario includes, in addition, an opinion column from ESADE professor, Ceferí Soler; from Bank Renta 4’s director general, Jesús Sánchez Quiñones; from the professor at IESE University of Navarre, Eduardo Martínez Abascal or the director of economic outlook at Funcas, Raymond Torres, among others.

Interview with the President of Eulen Group, María José Álvarez

The President of Eulen Group, María José Álvarez, on the cover interview talks about the challenges faced by her company, Spain’s pending reforms and some current unstoppable trends such as digitalization. With regards to the Fourth Digital Revolution, she states that “machines work, but we should not forget that the main asset within our sector is the human capital”. “We must preserve this humanization in companies”, she says. “I could never replace a person with a machine in front of a client. We have digitized many processes, but there are limits. One of the things that I value most and I’ve tried to install as a philosophy at Eulen is the human quality of our teams”, she remarks.

The second issue of the magazine Empresario has 144 pages and includes 9 in-depth interviews, 13 opinion articles, 8 extensive reports on national and international economic news, infographics that can help understand the Spanish and international economies, the 14-page-long supplement ‘En datos’ with graphic information and 22 pages with photographs under the Business Updates section.


Empresario magazine’s editorial piece is written by CEOE’s Secretary General, Ana Plaza, who explains that “"in this issue we want to give special relevance to the role of women and the importance of diversity as a competitive factor". "As a country, we are far from achieving the goal proposed by the European Commission for 2020 of achieving a 40% female representation in Boards of Directors," says Ana Plaza in the new issue of the Empresario Magazine. "We continue working on proposals on work-life balance, flexibility, equal opportunities, wage gap and all those aspects that we consider necessary in order to move forward," she remarks. Ana Plaza highlights that at CEOE "we firmly believe that talent has no gender, that diversity is enriching and that  it has a positive impact on the productivity of companies. We are committed to building a fairer society".