13 sep 2017

CEOE on the illegal referendum called for 1-O in Catalonia

CEOE’s Board of Directors has analysed with deep concern the situation created by the calling for the illegal referendum in Catalonia and its impact on business and investor confidence in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain.

CEOE's statement — ©CEOE

1. We, the entrepreneurs, will always stand on the side of legality and strict compliance with the laws and the Spanish Constitution, as well as with international legislation, especially that of the European Union.  They constitute the best guarantees for legal certainty, something essential for the competitiveness of our companies.

2. We support all actions that are considered necessary in order to enforce the current legality.

3. There is a major political problem that must be faced with the greatest possible urgency and constructive sense so that it does not affect social coexistence and economic prosperity. Non-resolution would adversely affect all areas.