28 oct 2017

CEOE firmly rejects the illegal decision by Catalonia’s Parliament to declare independence

CEOE supports the central Government’s measures to restore the rule of law

CEOE firmly rejects the illegal decision by the Catalan Parlament to unilaterally declare Catalonia’s independence, which severely breaches the law. 

CEOE's statement — ©CEOE

With this decision, the employers believe Catalonia’s social fracture is deepened even further and the situation created can lead to very serious consequences for all citizens, at a social and an economic level, as well as adversely affect the trust of entrepreneurs and investors in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain.

CEOE supports the measures the Government adopts to re-establish Catalonia’s institutional legality and restore democratic normalcy.

CEOE will summon its governing bodies next week to analyse the situation and we appeal to companies and citizens to remain calm, because the rule of law will restore legality.