25 jul 2018


CEOE firmly rejects the violation of Human Rights in Nicaragua and subscribes the statement released this morning by the International Organization of Employers-IOE, in which they urge the country’s Government to take the appropriate measures to end the invasion of private sector property.

Flag of Nicaragua
Flag of Nicaragua

CEOE has been noticing in the last few months, with great concern, the increasing deterioration of the Human Rights situation in Nicaragua, and it therefore supports the terms of solidarity and support conveyed by the Higher Council of the Private Enterprise(COSEP), member of OIE in Nicaragua and, in particular, their work within the framework of National dialogue as a member of the Alliance for Democracy.

In the statement released, the OIE urges the Government of Nicaragua to apply the 15 Recommendations from the CIDH and the Permanent Council of the OAS without delay. It also urges this Government to prevent, as a priority matter, further invasion of private property outside the law which breaches the right to private property, and to take the necessary measures so that the invaded property may be returned to its rightful owners.  These are firm and unequivocal steps to achieve justice and democracy in Nicaragua.

The statement highlights as particularly concerning the killings, extrajudicial executions, acts of torture, arbitrary arrests, harassment and seizing of land committed by paramilitary groups and armed third-party groups that, with total impunity, directly intimidate and repress the private sector. In fact, since the first week of June, there has been an inordinate increase of illegal invasions upon private sector properties in clear violation of the right to private property. These invasions mainly affect the agricultural sector and commercial facilities.

It was the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) that, among other agencies, raised the alarm about the serious situation in the "Country Report", published on June 22, 2018. The situation, far from being corrected and overcome, actually continues to deteriorate, deepen and expand. Therefore, the international community, including the European Union, has spoken out and made a firm appeal to end the appalling loss of lives. The Government of Nicaragua has also been urged to "immediately end the violence, repression and arbitrary arrests, and to respect fundamental freedoms."

In this same context, it should be noted that the Permanent Council of the OAS, in its recent meeting of July 17, 2018, issued a resolution reiterating "its strong condemnation and its serious concern for all acts of violence, repression, violations of human rights and abuses, including those committed by the police, para-police groups and other actors against the people of Nicaragua, as documented by the IACHR. " It also urges the Government of Nicaragua and all parties to participate "actively and in good faith" in the National Dialogue as a mechanism to generate peaceful and sustainable solutions to the situation in Nicaragua and strengthen the country’s democracy.

In light of all of the above, CEOE subscribes and reiterates its total support to the statement.