22 dic 2017
Elections in Catalonia

CEOE believes it’s time to open a new phase in which everyone is integrated

The reactivation of Catalonia’s economy must be a top priority.

From CEOE, we believe that, following yesterday’s regional elections in Catalonia, with a historical turnover of 82%, a new phase is opened in which everyone must be positively integrated in order to recover harmony in our coexistence.

Overview of Barcelona
Overview of Barcelona

The new government must act within the realms of legality to recover institutional stability. After legal certainty is reinstated, the priority must be to reactivate Catalonia’s economy. 

The fleeing of companies, the decline in consumption and investment have resulted in a decrease in activity in the latter part of the year.  Only with a new government that chooses to stay within legality and respect the Constitution will it be possible to restore the damage done, and bring Catalonia back to the path of prosperity we are all hoping for.