03 ene 2018

CEOE believes it’s necessary to consolidate the recovery of employment within a stable framework

Registered unemployment data released today by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security reflect a decrease in unemployment, following increases for the past four months. The number of people unemployed was set at 3,412,781, a figure not seen since J

Specifically, in December, unemployment fell by 61,500 people, in line with the previous five Decembers, although below figures for this month in 2014 and 2016 and a significant distance from the figure posted in December 2013, when unemployment decreased by 107,570 people.

Employment office
Employment office

CEOE points out in its analysis that this positive data should be assessed taking into account that December is traditionally a good month for employment due to the effects of the Christmas season. It is also positive that the balance of the last twelve months reflects a drop in registered unemployment of 290,193 people, with a yoy rate of -7.84%.

Therefore, this reduction in unemployment represents a new step forward in the recovery of employment that needs to be consolidated through a stable framework, overcoming tensions and uncertainties at a national level that could hinder the recovery process.