16 feb 2017

CEOE asks for a more favourable policy for business growth during a trip to Brussels

Marta Martí, President of the SME Commission at BusinessEurope (European Business Confederation) representing CEOE, participated in a high-level conference in Brussels on how SMEs can make better use of the European internal market.

A high-level conference was held on February 21st in Brussels on the current needs of SMEs to take advantage of the European Internal Market The opening and closing speeches were delivered by Marta Martí, CEOE’s representative and President of the Entrepreneurship and SME Commission at BusinessEurope. 


Marta Martí, President of the SME Commission at BusinessEurope (European Business Confederation) representing CEOE

The goals of the conference were twofold. First of all, to give a voice to the requests from SMEs with the aim of improving the European business environment, since they represent 99% of the business network and are the backbone of the European economy.

Secondly, to exchange views with senior representatives of the European institutions, such as the Council and the Commission, on how best to remove the obstacles still remaining in the European internal market.

In this sense, Marta Martí emphasized the need to move towards a business mentality that rewards initiative and risk taking. Furthermore, she highlighted what the priorities for European SME policy should be: to improve market access to the European as well as to the international markets; to facilitate financing, which is key to their development; to support the SMEs’ capacity to innovate and participate in the Digital Single Market; and to simplify the European and national regulatory frameworks, with fewer and simpler laws, on issues that are relevant to SMEs. All this, without forgetting the urgent need of establishing a fiscal framework that encourages and does not penalize business growth.

Meanwhile, the Director General at BusinessEurope, Markus Beyrer, pointed out the importance of improving information tools for SMEs and having a balanced regulatory framework that provides the necessary legal security, while being clear and simple at the same time. In the area of digitization, he recalled the need to promote the free movement of data to take advantage of the digital single market.