28 ago 2018
XXVI Ibero-American Summit


They met on the 5th and 6th of September to start working on technical and business matters

CEOE informs that the Twelfth Ibero-American Business Meeting to be held in La Antigua will address the 2030 Agenda and digitalization, among other issues.

Twenty Sixth Ibero-American Summit
Twenty Sixth Ibero-American Summit

The Ibero-American Business Council, CEIB, and the Ibero-American General Secretariat, SEGIB, in collaboration with the Guatemalan business organization CACIF, are organizing a preparatory meeting in Antigua-Guatemala, on September 5 and 6, to start working on the technical content and the employers’ position on the main issues that will be addressed in the twelfth Ibero-American Business Meeting within the framework of the Twenty-sixth Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government.

Specialists and experts from Ibero-American companies, business organizations and multi-Latin institutions will meet at the Antigua Training Center to discuss the main issues of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, with trade and investment as the path to prosperity and development, the digital ecosystem as a strategic pillar for economic growth, sustainability as a key element in the corporate citizenship strategy, the empowerment of women and the Ibero-American talent and human capital mobility program, among others.

At this meeting they will set the main lines that will be discussed later within the framework of the XII Ibero-American Business Meeting that under the title "Central America invites you, Antigua Guatemala welcomes you" will be held on November 14 and 15 in the city of Antigua in Guatemala.

In this regard, CEOE highlights how important it is to keep working during the period between summits, in order to advance on the mandates received, design medium and long-term implementation strategies, contrast the suitability of the measures adopted and promote the economic growth of the Region.

This meeting is a further step to strengthen the message from entrepreneurs to the governments of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.


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