13 feb 2018


The Spanish Association of Female Executives and CEOs (EJE&CON), whose goal is to encourage promotion and access of women in management roles to prominent positions and Boards of Directors, joins CEOE

CEOE is one of the sponsors behind the Promociona Project in Spain, whose goal is to raise awareness among companies and the business sector about the importance of taking advantage of the talent shown by women in top management positions and to eliminate the barriers that hinder them from being promoted. EJE & CON was born in 2015 upon the initiative of those executive women who, until then, had participated in the "Executive Program for Women in Senior Management"  also known as the Promociona Project.

Agreement collaboration CEOE - EJE&CON
Agreement collaboration CEOE - EJE&CON — ©CEOE

Under this Agreement, EJE&CON will participate in CEOE’s Commissions, Boards and Working Groups.

In her own words, the president of EJE & CON, Nerea Torres said "this collaboration agreement is a great boost for our Association’s goals, since it leads the way to joint projects and initiatives aimed at encouraging the promotion and access of female talent to Senior Management positions and seats in Boards of Directors ".

Among other initiatives, the EJE & CON Association organizes the EJE & CON Awards every year, praising #talentoSINgenero (Gender-LESS talent) with two main goals: to give visibility to companies and / or institutions that take into account Talent without looking at gender and to raise awareness among companies and contributing to their understanding of Talent as a transformation engine.