29 sep 2017
South Africa

CEOE’s delegation to South Africa shows interest in investment projects in the area

CEOE’s business delegation to South Africa, headed by its vice president, José Vicente González, has expressed interest in the country's investment opportunities, after holding meetings in its third day visiting the country with representatives from the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), from the Ministry of Energy and from Standard Bank. In addition, the Delegation attended the reception offered by the Spanish ambassador to South Africa, Carlos Fernández Arias, on the occasion of the visit to South Africa of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ildefonso López Castro.

CEOE’s business delegation to South Africa
CEOE’s business delegation to South Africa — ©CEOE

At the meeting, held at the headquarters of the DTI, the Director of Sustainable Development, Industries and Investments, Annleize Van der Merve, and her team discussed investment and project development opportunities in the renewable energy and gas sectors. She said that the opportunities offered by this sector would be clearer when the Government approves the national energy plan. This document, which will, among other issues, set the new production capacity of the coming years and, in turn, allocate this capacity to the different technological alternatives, could be approved between February and April of next year.