04 sep 2018


Together with CEPYME and the State Secretariat for the Public Function, CEOE signed the Agreement 2018 for the elimination and simplification of burdens on companies

The Secretary of State for the Public Function, José Antonio Benedicto, formalized with the secretary generals of  CEOE and CEPYME, Ana Plaza and José Alberto González-Ruiz, the Agreement 2018 for the elimination and simplification of administrative burdens affecting Spanish companies.


The agreement signed today means the continuance of the work started in 2008, the year in which CEOE and CEPYME started to collaborate with the former Ministry of Economy and Finance in identifying administrative obstacles faced by companies when carrying out their business activity.  Starting in 2009, specific measures were proposed with the aim of simplifying or eliminating these obstacles.

After ten years, the work carried out by CEOE and CEPYME in this field has resulted in more than 390 initiatives, many of them passed by the Council of Ministers, translating into hundreds of euros of savings for the sector.   

The goal of the new Agreement is to specify the administrative obstacles derived from the application of Law 39/2015 on Common Administrative Procedures and the repercussions of the entry into force of Law 9/2017 on Contracts in the Public Sector.

The entry into force of Law 39/2015 and the establishment of mandatory digital communication between companies and public administrations as the only means for both to interrelate showed the need to improve various issues, especially electronic notifications and becoming acquainted with this system. In addition, the new Law on Public-Sector Contracts and the use of digital media will imply, at least in these initial stages, a significant phase of adaptation, homogenization and coordination.

To carry out this task, CEOE and CEPYME have the backing of the Business Network of Administrative Burdens (REDCA) comprised of 130 business organizations. In addition, proposals may be sent to the email cargas@ceoe.es or through the webpage www.ceoe.es