11 ene 2017

CEOE recommends a salary rise of up to 1.5% and an additional one of up to 0.5% depending on productivity and absenteeism

The goal is to guarantee job creation

CEOE’s Board of Directors at today’s meeting approved the recommendation of a salary rise for 2017 of up to 1.5% and an additional one of up to 0.5% linked to company productivity and the reduction of absenteeism from the workplace.

CEOE recommends a salary rise of up to 1.5%

In 2016, salaries negotiated through collective agreements increased close to 1.09%, in line with the recommendation of up to 1.5% signed by the social agents in the previous Agreement for Employment and Collective Bargaining (AENC). Therefore, if this is what our representatives are signing in collective agreements, the proposal for 2017 must be very similar with the aim of maintaining the rate of job creation.

CEOE wants to emphasize, once again, that not all companies have come out of the crisis. According to the latest data from the Tax Agency, only 42% of companies are in the black.

        Under this premise, the salary recommendation for 2017 is twofold:

  1. An increase of up to 1.5%.
  2. An additional increase of up to 0.5%, to be negotiated by the parties, depending on productivity of companies and on a significant reduction in absenteeism from the workplace.

We reiterate that we should not only talk about salaries, but about company costs and many other factors that influence competitiveness. Proposals and implementation deadlines should be drawn from all of them.

A new political-economic-social agenda must be opened by the social partners and parliamentary groups to try to help politics in other ways different to daily confrontation and debate, in order to channel possible proposals, improve the management of available resources and continue with reforms to increase competitiveness. We are willing to talk about every issue, but with numbers, data and economically viable proposals.