31 ene 2018
Lower House of Parliament


"We want the industrial sector to represent 20% of GDP in 2020." These are the words with which CEOE’s General Secretary, Ana Plaza, closed the event in which the report 'The industry, engine of growth: analysis and recommendations' was presented by the Employers’ Federation to the Lower House in Parliament. Plaza wanted to highlight the role of the Spanish industry, stating that "there is no doubt that the industrial sector is the engine of growth of any economy."

CEOE presents its report on industry
CEOE presents its report on industry — ©CEOE

In this way, entrepreneurs wanted to stress the importance of an industrial sector that has lost weight in the economic activity of advanced countries in recent years. In the case of Spain, the manufacturing sector’s current share in GDP is 14%, having recovered from the lows reached in the 2009-2012 period, when its average contribution was set at 13.2% of GDP. "CEOE and this report aim to join all efforts in order to come up with agreed upon and useful proposals for society that may contribute to the generation of employment," the Secretary General explained.

The event was also attended by the president of CEOE’s Industry and Energy Commission, Guillermo Ulacia, and it was inaugurated by the president of the Commission on the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness to Congress, Arturo García-Tizón.

" The importance of a sector should not be measured in terms of the value of its production or the added value it generates, but it must also take into account the role it plays within the economy’s productive system," said the president of CEOE’s Industry and Energy Commission. Ulacia stressed that "the fourth revolution is key to industrial development." Therefore, CEOE’s report includes remarks from entrepreneurs who highlight the challenges faced by the sector and propose some solutions such as setting a competitive energy price for industrial activities, developing infrastructure and regulatory measures and promoting internationalization, among other measures.

We must encourage and enable investment in innovation, technological development and digitalization in companies; promote training to guarantee talent and skill-development; develop a regulatory framework that protects the principles of market unity, avoids overregulation and improves regulatory efficiency and effectiveness; foster business resizing.